Monday, May 31, 2010

Truckin' Today

Rain, rain, rain all day yesterday. Today, no cell phone service once off the Interstate. I don't know who's service is between Mobile, AL and Jackson, MS but it ain't Sprint.

Can't wait to get the new HTC EVO! I'm gladly paying the $10 charge to use all of the phone's capabilities regardless if there's 4G or not. The $10 isn't for 4G service like everyone thinks. It's for the high-data usage the phone was designed to handle regardless whether it's in 3G or 4G territory. Erks me there are whiners complaining about the charge when they don't have 4G service. It's about the data usage and over-all demand the phone will put on Sprint's network. It's not about the speed!!!! Get a clue people!

Sunday, May 30, 2010


Honest to God, it's times like this that give me cause to hate ThermoKing's TriPac APU. Air conditioner runs great for less than a year and it craps out in Florida on Memorial Day Weekend. No repair services are available until Tuesday so I will be running the prime mover to stay comfortable. I hope I wake up in the morning...

So now I'm sitting inside the truck stop in a very noisy area of the building (next to the game room) where distractions are countless and concentration unattainable in an uncomfortable seat.

Recently I've been shifting my focus and use of the Google mobile environment. I loaded GoogleSearch onto my Windows Mobile PDA/Phone, the infamous Touch Diamond. So far I can blog ( doing that now ) and check gmail. Whence my new phone is in hand (HTC EVO w/4G) I should have more mobile focused abilities as it will configured with Android 2.1.

With some of the comparisons I've made between WM and Android, Android appears to be hands down built as a mobile platform where WM seems a crippled version of Windows to fit the limited hardware available in most any mobile device. Android's open app market is busting out with new stuff all the time. Many useful and some not useful bordering on humorously stupid stuff you wouldn't think anyone would have compiled but did. Like a Light Sabre app which uses the G-Meter in many phones. Swing your phone around and you guessed it! You get the swooshing hum of a Light Sabre. Kinda reminds me of the sound effects key chains where you could calm your road rage by "killing" or "zapping" the driver that pissed you off. Only now you can do it all on a single device. Your phone.

Memorial Day Weekend

Never forget why we have the freedom that other countries do not have. We paid for it with the blood of our soldiers who fought on the behalf of Americans and those of other free nations. Never take for granted your rights and privileges of what your freedom cost others. Never forget that freedom never has nor will ever be free.