Monday, May 31, 2010

Truckin' Today

Rain, rain, rain all day yesterday. Today, no cell phone service once off the Interstate. I don't know who's service is between Mobile, AL and Jackson, MS but it ain't Sprint.

Can't wait to get the new HTC EVO! I'm gladly paying the $10 charge to use all of the phone's capabilities regardless if there's 4G or not. The $10 isn't for 4G service like everyone thinks. It's for the high-data usage the phone was designed to handle regardless whether it's in 3G or 4G territory. Erks me there are whiners complaining about the charge when they don't have 4G service. It's about the data usage and over-all demand the phone will put on Sprint's network. It's not about the speed!!!! Get a clue people!

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