Sunday, October 3, 2010


I need two of me. One to blog and the other to drive.

Had a $3200 break down and the transmission still isn't right. I think the shifter is having an electrical problem but nobody can find it. It still has some hesitation going in to 5th gear and has slipped out of 8th a few times only to go to 9th instead. If this thing doesn't stop breaking down, I'll be broke and homeless. Switch to any other company now would be ludicrous. I'd be only one break down from forced retirement and probably be too far from home to get home. The company I'm with now is the only reason why the truck gets fixed. They loan me the money on a fair interest loan and I pay it back over time. I doubt the local banks where I break down would even consider it before laughing.

On my next home-time, I'll pursue getting my background check completed and renew my license. Hopefully, I'll get my HazMat endorsement when I get home for Christmas and have new doors-of-opportunity begin to open. Have to be positive about it and look up. The only thing you won't run into when looking down and out is the hole you're about to step into.

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