Sunday, June 6, 2010

Life and Truckin'

Been driving pretty hard at night. I think with my trouble sleeping during daylight hours when everyone else is up and working, making noise and such, my immune system has weakened. I wasn't feeling very well yesterday or the day before and today I'm feverish. Could be that what my daughter had on my last day home finally tagged me. I had to give up a load with two stops in Chicago and one in Indy. Standing was an effort with my legs shuddering as if under great strain just standing. I tried to refuse the load but was denied. My contract states I can refuse loads so the carrier I'm with is in violation of its contract. I'm not going to press it. Need the job still.
I intended to visit the main yard in Olathe, KS to see if there were any drivers waiting on a load since it was on the way to Chicago anyway. I told them what was up and the guy made a call to somebody and as usual, presented it in a way that made me look like the bad guy. Sweating with fever and leaning on the counter to stand up, he finally looked at me and asked if I was alright. I said to him that if I was alright I wouldn't be asking to have someone else take this load. i also told him that my refusal was denied and I needed rest to recover. He terminated the load to the yard and freed me up for the rest of Sunday. I hope I feel better in the morning. I hate being sick out on the road.

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