Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Every wonder why someone tells you to go get something and are surprised when it isn't there? Seems odd to me that a company that spent tens of thousands of dollars for satellite tracking devices for their trailers wouldn't know where the empty ones are! Hmmmm.

After spending a few hours running through and around Kansas City, KS and MO, I did finally get to a place where there was one. And Wonder Of Wonders, they didn't know what number it was. Must have fell through the cracks. Mighty big cracks that is.

After getting better from being sick for two days and losing an 1100 mile trip, Things have gotten a tad tougher this week. Fuel prices have dropped and so have fuel surcharges. I wish the customer would understand that when I'm hauling their stuff, they pay for the fuel. Fuel Surcharges are a pain in rear. Looking forward to getting my HazMat endorsement in the near future and have a few more doors opened for it.

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